The Blue Lagoon, Arki Island

The Blue Lagoon, Arki Island



The Blue Lagoon, Arki Island

Resort Development Site

Few places remain in Greece which combine so vividly the intense colors of the turquoise blue sea, white pebble beaches and dark green vegetation of the Dodecanese, as this wild piece of paradise in the remote small island of Arki. A short walk from the harbor and the only village of the island leads to this haven. The plot of land measures 23.548m² and is divided into three ownership titles. Eight one-floor bungalows with a total of 316m² have been constructed from local stone. There is a permit to build four more bungalows of 145m² in total. This property may be used as a small hotel or as a private residence. The small island of Tiganakia lies directly across from the beach. The sea is famous in this area for the clarity and color of its water, providing a natural safe harbor to small boats. Away from everything yet with easy access to civilization, this property combines the best of all worlds.

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